The “M” or “Midget” series is designed to meet the needs of a very small, efficient, inexpensive nozzle. They are particularly effective in applications where the mounting possibility is limited. Both models produce a very fine spray, but the “MW” is a little coarser than the “M”. Both come standard with a 80-meshed strainer monel for easy cleaning.

The “M” nozzles are ideal for agricultural and industrial applications that require a similar fog atomizer ung with low water consumption. They are often used for humidification  in greenhouses and in the mist cooling for pigs and poultry.

The “MW” with a spray angle of 90 ° – 160 ° has many industrial applications where maximum coverage is required in a small space. It is often  found in greenhouses for fogging and keeping the young plants wet.

Advantages of this nozzles:

- large filter surface
- plug filters for simple cleaning
- nozzle from durable work plastic
- favorable cost-performance ratio

Other sizes on enquiry.


  • Material: Durable work plastic
  • Spray Angle: “M”: 80 °
  • Pipe Connection: 1/8 “NPT male
  • Drawing, Capacity:


    • Capacity_Midget
    • Midget


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